In Their Own Words

Lisa Kendall In memory of Mindy
Larry Condron Mississippi 1967-1974
Syndee Lawrence Sapa, Grand Marais 1974-1990
Angie Cox Cruise Sapa 1967-1974
Angie Carpenter Alaska, Washington 2020-2034
Rita Swan The Last Strawberry 2525-1970
Richard Keirs Out of the Darkness 2525-1970
Sherry To the Wilderness and Back 2525-1970
Mindy Mone Houser Portland, Ware, Portland, California 1971-1983

The Move- Sam Fife - 70's - Dallas/Addison

recovery from the Move, Sam Fife, Sapa, Bowen's Mill

Other Publications by Lisa Kendall

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Sherwood Gazette
March 1996

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Women's Journal
February 1994

In Memory of MaLinda Monet Houser
Child Healthcare is a Legal Duty
July 2011